Cole Pratte

System Admin / Engineer


I am currently a Sys Admin / Engineer working at an MSP, but have been learning web development. I am pretty new to the web dev world, so my projects are not all the way there yet, but I hope to keep learning and growing! While I hope to eventually have a nice project portfolio, you can see my current experience below.

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Odin Project Library App by Cole Pratte

Odin Project Personal Library

This site was to practice javascript mostly, so did not spend as much time on the styling for now, but I plan to come back to this to improve it. This app uses object contructors and makes use of prototypal inheritance. This was to learn what is going on in the background before learning the new class syntax

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Odin Project Library App by Cole Pratte

Odin Project Dashboard

This site was all about practicing grid. The entire site attempts to use grid in as many places as possible (even wehen not best suited) to really get the feel for how it works. Since this site was used just to practice grid, none of the links/features actually do anything; but as with all my other projects, I plan on coming back to this.

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Odin Project Signup Form by Cole Pratte

Odin Project Signup Form

This website really ties my HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills together. The page changes styles based on desktop or mobile, parts of the site animate in upon page load, and javascript is used for form validity. I also wanted to learn SVGs, so I made the signup icon on the mobile site completely from writing the SVG markup and using CSS to style/aniumate it.

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Odin Project Calculator by Cole Pratte

Odin Project Calculator

A calculator website that really got into the abilities of Javascript. Worked with array methods and also tested my CSS ability.

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Odin Project Etch a sketch by Cole Pratte

Odin Project Etch-A-Sketch

A project for TOP to create an etch a sketch website. This project added more JS methods and how to change styles based on user input. It also showed how to let users change the design of a page

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Odin Project Rock Paper Scissors by Cole Pratte

Odin Project Rock Paper Scissors

A project for TOP to create a rock paper scissors game. This project introduced JS into the mix, and was a first attempt to create a website that users can interact with. It lets you play a random game versus the computer and also has basic animation.

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Work Experience

My complete work history is available at LinkedIn.

System Engineer

CTComp, Inc.
(Plantsville, CT)

Oct 2022 - present

Provide hundreds of clients with IT services such as IaaS, SaaS, DR, and more.

Key Contributions

RDS Server Upgrade

  • Configured new RDP management and session host server with needed apps and services
  • Set up RD gateway so devices outside of the network can connect securely

DUO Multi-Factor Integration

  • Deployed DUO proxies and configured GPO to push DUO for Windows installations to all workstations in the domain
  • Created procedures to follow for new users as well as documentation to make the turnover smooth for existing ones

New Client On-Boarding

  • Documented current policies and procedures in place and how to integrate into our policies
  • Gained access of management systems from past IT provider and updated all information to ours
  • Created new procedures for monitoring, supporting, and deploying systems to the needs of the client

Help Desk Analyst

Global Help Desk Services, Inc.
(Rocky Hill, CT)

Oct 2021 - Oct 2022

Managed Service Provider that provides a wide array of IT support for thousands of end users spread across multiple companies.

Key Contributions

Artisan Design Group Data Center Migration

  • Led my team in the migration of our biggest client while they switched datacenters from Viyu to TPX
  • Managed the support of over 3,000 end-users while making sure our other clients' needs are supported
  • Constructed procedures and policies to ensure effective troubleshooting by all agents

On/Off-Boarding Lead

  • Oversaw the training of new hires and documentation on the on/off-boarding process
  • Ensured timely and accurate creation/termination of all user accounts by documenting structured procedures to follow
  • Collaborated with other IT personnel to adapt and improve current procedures and policies for the changing needs of our users

Salesman / Repair Tech

Golfers' Warehouse
(Hartford, CT)

Mar 2016 - Oct 2021

Golf Outfitter servicing golfers all over New England. Specialized in club fitting and sales as well as club repair.

Key contributions:

  • Recognized as a top salesman in the company for three years.
  • Depended on for recruiting and training quality salesman, to ensure customer satisfaction on every visit.

Volunteer System Builder

Make - A - Wish
(Stratford, CT)

Jan 2018 - Present

Work as a volunteer to help grant kids' wishes.

Key contributions:

  • Configuring and installing various Windows machines, peripherals, and software.
  • Train new volunteers on how to configure machines part by part for their various purposes.

Additional Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Server Systems (Active Directory, Exchange, Azure)
  • Proficient in Windows/MacOS System Support and Configuration
  • Skilled with use of 365 Admin
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with end users of all technological backgrounds
  • Point of Sale hardware/software (Retail Pro, Squirrel POS, NCR Aloha)
  • Over 8 years in building and configuring variously purposed Windows Systems
  • Skilled with remote support tools, (LogMeIn, KAseya, TeamViewer, Dameware, Windows RDP)


Manchester Community College - Manchester, CT


University of Connecticut - Storrs, CT


Newington High School - Newington, CT


Microsoft Office Certification